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Timothy Kelley

Timothy Kelley

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Teaching engagements, Speaking engagements, Public art, For-hire services, Commissions, Collaboration

“My work as it relates is to expresses aspects of the mythos, ancient culture and the conceived ideas and words that have been brought into modern culture. You will find expressions of spirituality, the communing with nature, and the torn historic truths brought to presentation through basic raw materials that we find around us every day. My hopes in constructing the varied pieces are to bring moments of deeper thought into our preconceived ideals. The truth of life and death and the existence in between can be an emotional journey. I try to engage the viewer and provoke an emotional response that may allow them to delve deeper into the piece of work presented, allowing the viewer to reflect upon their experiences in this journey. My subject matter at times contains taboo and/or ethereal imagery that work as guideposts in the expression of these ideas.


The utilization of texture, depth, varied materials and colors in each piece shares and expresses the terrain of accepted or unaccepted emotions felt by the experiences of humans being and allows me to bring to life the subtext of my imagination and vision.”


Timothy Kelley is fine art painter and sculptor with over 30 years of experience. He is a trained and self taught multidimensional artist born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1964. He was raised in a creative home in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and New York City and was exposed to and interacted with many well-known artists. His mother, Sarah Maureen Baird, was a regional artist and teacher in southwestern Pennsylvania and he was involved with helping her at many regional art shows, setting up and showing pottery techniques such as Raku. As a child in the early 1970s, he experienced the art scene and progressive movement in New York City where many influences and artists such as Alexander Calder, David Stiffler and many more shaped his views. These ideals were set to grow through many museum classes at the Westmoreland Museum of Art in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and the endless opportunities of interacting in the arts community.


As an adult the skills used to create his fine art projects came from multiple pathways. As a trained carpenter techniques were utilized in the construction and usage of materials found in the variety of projects and series created. Having an Industrial Design degree brought another view and application to the design and execution process.


Having lived and worked in New York City, Miami, France, Pittsburgh and a number of more rural locations brought knowledge, vision and experience to his work. Now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he has created a design studio and gallery showroom for his fine art sculptures, paintings, and other design work.


He has sculptures and paintings in private collections in the United States and France and has had his work shown in Florida and Pennsylvania. He has also created many well-received design projects in private homes, as well as, logo designs and murals. He worked in the television and film industry in Florida in art direction and as a prop master and set designer on many regional, national and worldwide commercials.

Timothy Kelley
1800 Preble Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(724) 797-3302
•Fine art painter and sculptor, art director, production design, scenic artist, set designer and builder, set dresser, special effects, prop master, prop fabrication, carpentry, swing person, location specialist and scout.
•Fine arts/design and television commercial production business owner; management and supervisory experience.
•Creative problem solver; team player; multitasker; exceptional at meeting deadlines, managing budgets, and creating quality, cost efficient results.
•Over 150 television commercials – local, national, worldwide
•Theater, music video and production, concerts, convention centers, industry theme parties
•Brand identification specialist
•Unique finishes/faux/texture, carpentry, special design
August 2015 – 2018
Art Education Technician
As Art Education Technician for CCAC Boyce Campus, responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Art Department. Responsibilities include the following:
•Assisting and setting up for six instructors.
•Ordering and maintaining supplies.
•Mixing and preparing chemistry for various art labs, photography and printing.
•Operating and maintaining equipment for jewelry design; casting, soldering, fabrication.
•Operating and maintaining the ceramics lab; mixing of glazes, slips, and kiln firing.
2008 – Present
Interior, exterior, and handyman services
1999 – Present
Studio/showroom gallery – sculpture, paintings, antiques
1999 – Present
Pittsburgh Theater, Southside with Henry Hyman, Rolling Rock Towne Fair Concert, environmental design and construction (U.S., France)
KELLEY DESIGNS, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1995 – 1998
Television production business
Clients:  R.P.S. Delivery System, Channellock Tools, Psychic Readers Network and others
VENTURE MEDIA, Miami, Florida
1993 – 1995
Prop Master
Clients:  Armed Forces Radio and Television Production, Bacardi USA, Galliker’s Dairy, Corporate Education
ME PRODUCTIONS, Hallandale/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1992 – 1993
3D fabrication, corporate theme events (AT&T, Ryder), private parties
Local 646, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Local 545, Miami, Florida
Local 321, Tampa, Florida
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
AA, Industrial Design Technologist; GPA: 3.90
Sanford Brown Institute, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
AS, Surgical Technologist; GPA: 3.80


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15233


  • Social Practice / Civic Engagement
  • Set design
  • Sculpture
  • Public Art
  • Painting
  • Mixed-media
  • Installation
  • Illustration
  • Functional
  • Found object
  • Drawing


  • Abstract
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clay
  • Conceptual
  • Concrete / cement
  • Expressionist
  • Figurative
  • Landscape
  • Metal
  • Mural
  • Oil Paint
  • Organic
  • Plaster
  • Recycling /green
  • Spiritual/Religious
  • Surreal
  • Wood
  • Ink
  • Other
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Pop