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Alexa Art Glass

Alexa Art Glass

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Public art

When I moved to Pittsburgh in 1987 I was inspired by the wonderful stained and leaded glass in homes throughout the City to work with glass. For over twenty five years I have made beautiful glass windows, mosaics, jewelry and other objects for myself and my friends.  I have also contributed to my community by coordinating various exhibitions and works of public art. 

Retirement has provided me with the opportunity to move in a new direction and to begin to sell my work.  I am now focusing on the creation of barrettes for hair and small plates that are both utilitarian and unique works of art. Using different types of glass -- clear and opaque, glass with a variety of colors and patterns and dichroic glass that reflects light -- I cut, fuse, and slump (shape) the glass. Each piece is different. Some are small mosaics or use strips of glass to create patterns; yet others incorporate copper elements or layer clear glass over colored or dichroic glass to create depth. This is a lengthy process that requires at least two and often three firings in the kiln.

In creating these small works of art I hope to bring beauty, joy, and peace to those who receive them as we work to create a better world.. 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214
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