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Tiara Dinkins

Tiara Dinkins

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Artistry = ART IS TRYing. Everyone's interpretation of art is different. There is no "right or wrong" art. It's what you see. When I paint I never have a set idea. My brain tells me to move my hand and before I know it there is a piece of work before me. What motivates me to paint is not knowing what I will create. ART IS TRYing so go out there and TRY to create what you think is a masterpiece!

Born in Baltimore but raised in Pittsburgh, Tiara Dinkins has always had a passion for art. From a young age, Tiara enjoyed pairing colors that normally would not be together. She did not shy away from bright chartreuse colors. If it was not for her elementary school art teacher, her love for the arts would not have been known.

Tiara graduated from Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts High School in 2006 majoring in Visual Arts. There she studied all forms of art from photography to sculpture, printmaking to digital media, art history to ceramics but it was not these forms of art that sparked her interest. Painting, in particular abstract, was her calling.

Art Deco is Tiara’s favorite art form and one of the greatest Art Deco artists, Tamara de Lempicka is her influence. Like de Lempicka, Tiara uses geometric shapes and vivid colors to make her paintings different and unique.


This new emerging artist wants all to be able to enjoy her work just as much as she enjoys creating it!


Forest Hills, Pennsylvania 15221


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  • Drawing
  • Painting


  • Abstract
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic paint
  • Oil Pastel