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Gifted Art Studio

Gifted Art Studio

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As painters, we find inspiration in everyday life.  To others, these objects, designs or colors might seem mundane.  But, to us, they reach inside us and fill us with wonderment and intrigue.  

Depending on how those colors make us feel - and depending on what we want from the paint, we use a variety of techniques to create our paintings.  From pouring to dropping, to dragging, and everything else in between.

Some of our paintings are obvious - a red and orange sunset scraping the sky, overlooking a blue ocean.  While others are on a more abstract level.

We love to explore the natural way that paint spreads on canvas, but we also both have our own different techniques that we love, rely on, or love to experiment with.  

While some results are semi-expected, in other cases you just have to let the paint do what it wants to do.  There's something amazing about taking paint and a canvas and just letting it BE what it wants to BE.  If that means reds mixing with purples and sloughing off the edge - so be it!


Gifted Art Studio is comprised of two artists - Kristi Ambrose and Beverly Pfab.  

Kristi is a writer full-time. She writes articles and blogs for people, but she also writes for her own websites and she writes books! She also loves to cook, paint, play video games, WRITE! travel, and more.

Beverly loves to cook, decorate, paint, read and watch movies just to name a few things.  She also donates time to senior citizens.

In just the first 2 months of opening Gifted Art Studio, we have already, collectively, created over 50 pieces.  They range in size, colors, and themes - from dark reds and blacks to the rainbow, to the sunset and ocean piece mentioned above.

We are NOT classically trained, but self-taught painters.  We do, however, constantly experiment, do research on new painting techniques, and really have a passion for acrylics.


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