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Guy Ruff Art

Guy Ruff Art

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Public art, For-hire services, Commissions, Collaboration

Working mainly with graphite, watercolor, and ink my work tends to find the elusive moments of young children. As a father I see these moments and capture them in the best way I can. Each artwork is bound to a color or energy of expression matching the child’s emotions.

Recently I have been engaged in multiple public art projects. These works have been completely digital for the ease of time and money for the organizations I am collaborating with. I soon plan to extend my style of art to large scale murals as experience and drive pushes me. 

Minimal art education, and working full time as a locomotive engineer for the railroad. My passion is art, and it is important to me to show my children how to follow your dreams and aspirations at any age. I spend a lot of time traveling down the tracks with many different thoughts on my mind. Many days and nights are spent away from my family. So my work tends to reflect who and what I am missing. The artwork I choose to capture is the elusive moments I find with children for the better or worse. Some people like to take pictures to save these moments, but I find when you put the time and effort into a piece that it becomes you. Your heart is now in your work, and the colors you choose help express just exactly how you or your muse are feeling.

As of recently, I am expanding my roles to my community and sharing my thoughts and ideas to beautify our hometown. I plan to pursue larger murals in all forms so others can experience the heart of our children. As I am not a traditionally taught artist, every project that I work on accelerates my learning curve. It seems when you put your family and community first, then some pieces of the puzzle start falling together. I am excited to see what may come!


Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010

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  • Drawing
  • Public Art
  • Installation
  • Painting
  • Mixed-media
  • Illustration


  • Abstract
  • Black & white
  • Experimental
  • Ink
  • Other
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Realist
  • Traditional
  • Watercolor
  • Alternative
  • Digital
  • Digital painting
  • Mural