Pittsburgh Artist Registry



Artistic Category Artist

Penn Avenue Arts District

Bloomfield Garfield Corporation

Pennsylvania State University

Career Level Professional
Experienced With Collaboration, Commissions, For-hire services, Leading workshops, Lectures, Public art, Speaking engagements, Teaching engagements

MLZDESIGN was established in 2007 as a means to continue design research and experimentation in the public realm. The studio consults on  projects related to the disciplines of landscape architecture, stormwater management, urban design, public art, design computation, and digital fabrication. The studio recognizes that the environment is made up of complex systems that can be modeled and studied to both inform and validate design decisions. This is accomplished by utilizing computational tools developed for the allied fields of geography, ecology, architecture, industrial design, and media arts.  The resultant design process develops environmentally sensitive solutions that operate at the intersection of art, technology, and function.



swissvale, Pennsylvania 15218
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  • Animation
  • Furniture
  • Installation
  • Public Art
  • Sculpture
  • Social Practice / Civic Engagement
  • Video


  • Acrylic
  • Carving
  • Computer generated
  • Conceptual
  • Concrete / cement
  • Digital
  • Digital manipulation
  • Engraving
  • Futurist
  • Information visualization
  • Interactive
  • Land/earth
  • Landscape
  • Light
  • Metal
  • Modern
  • Nature
  • Organic
  • Plaster
  • Recycling /green
  • Robotic
  • Surreal
  • Video
  • Web based
  • Wood
  • Woodcut