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R J Stein Photography

R J Stein Photography

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With For-hire services, Commissions

I use the lens to advocate and tell the story of America’s Wild Horses and how their freedom is in jeopardy. The wild horses that I photograph are respectfully photographed and observed from around the country. These breathtaking images each have a story to tell--from peaceful breezy days along the shorelines to wild sparring matches between competing stallions in the desert. Many of the horses photographed are at risk of being rounded up off of public lands, so a portion of the sales proceeds from the wild horse images are always donated back to the non-profits that support them.

Currently based in Pittsburgh, the breathtaking bridges, waterways and crisp, angular skyline offers endless vantage points and opportunities to capture amazing shots of the Burgh as well. However, I often return to my roots to find inspiration - a love of the outdoors, nature, wide open spaces and the animals that inhabit these areas.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212



  • Photography


  • Black & white
  • Documentary
  • Land/earth
  • Landscape
  • Mural
  • Nature