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Suzanne Werder

Suzanne Werder

Artistic Category Artist

Jackie Travato, Elizabeth Kyte, Laura Goris, Jack Puglisi, Carol Amidi, William Pfahl, Bill Karaffa, Alexis Dillon, Kirsten Ervin, 

Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Lectures, Public art, Commissions, Performances, Teaching engagements, Speaking engagements, Leading workshops, For-hire services, Collaboration

I believe in the power of art to transform, redeem, heal and reveal.

My work seeks to give voice to silenced people by creating ways of seeing and listening to them.    Some bodies of my work deal with redeeming materials that would ordinarily be of little worth and discarded such as toilet paper rolls and plastic bags.    The focus of other work has shifted from undervalued materials to undervalued people.  

I wish to question the cultural narratives that underpin people’s negative reactions to individuals within marginalized groups as I look to raise their profiles and share their stories. Portraits have too long been the reflection of only the wealthy and powerful.  I portray those who otherwise would never have their portraits drawn or painted.    An artistic representation of someone can reveal the spark of individuality as well as a glimpse of our shared humanity, the extraordinary within the ordinary, beauty out of brokenness.

Suzanne Werder was born in Edinboro, Pennsylvania to two artists. After rebelling against them and herself by running from art and attempting to be a Muggle, she got a degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
After teaching at many interesting places including an Islamic Elementary school and an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva, she is now embracing art and herself. She is a member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors, and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.
In addition to gracing the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper, her multidisciplinary work has been exhibited/performed in numerous galleries including Panza Gallery (where she does figure drawing and painting at least once a week), The Miller IGA, Artsmith’s of Pittsburgh, Artist Image Resource, the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, the Brew House Association, Percolate, Local 412, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, and Meadville Council on the Arts.
On three trips from 2014 to 2016, she taught teachers in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia (including refugees from South Sudan) in creating multi-sensory hands on teaching materials using natural items and garbage. She has provided art education for Pittsburgh Public Schools, Propel Charter School, the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, and is currently a teaching artist in residence at the Knoxville Branch of the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh with ProjectArt.
She is the creator of the Busnegie Museum of Art, transforming the bus shelters in front of the Carnegie Museum of Art into a free museum showcasing the work of local artists. Senior Portraits, another project that she is presently working on, lifts the profile of senior citizens through portraiture and by sharing their stories in a travelling exhibition.
For these two projects, she has received grants from Soup N’at, and Lively Pittsburgh, as well as two grants from the Pittsburgh Awesome Foundation.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209
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  • Choral
  • Children's Theater
  • Brass
  • Acoustic
  • Publishing
  • Voice-over / narrator
  • Vocal
  • Theater
  • Storytelling
  • Spoken Word
  • Solo performer
  • Religious
  • Puppetry
  • Motivational
  • Improvisation
  • Film
  • Comedy