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Victoria Bennett Beyer Photography

Victoria Bennett Beyer Photography

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My idea of a good time is packing up the truck, hitting the road with my husband and daughter, and driving somewhere I have never been before.

In the time between life’s road trips, I try to live in the present and to see the beauty in every day.  To me, this focus is vivid and clear and full of glorious detail.  I think in their aesthetic, my photographs reflect these values.

That said, I understand every photograph is of the past.  Not every moment makes for a ‘good’ photo, but because their fleeting nature is always in my mind, I am vigilantly looking for them. I ache to think of these moments as gone, even before they have passed. I want to be able to save them.

I take these photos for myself, in a vain attempt to record these moments so I can savor them later. I share them because what I see around me is painfully beautiful. What else can I do but share? In sharing, somehow, the hopelessness of never being able to seal every sight, touch, and emotion away for later in my inadequate brain, dissipates. All I can save is stored in my photographs. That will have to be enough.

Victoria Bennett Beyer is a nature and travel photographer based in Pittsburgh.  She grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and has also lived in North Carolina and Wyoming. 

It was during a family road trip across America at ten years old that she fell in love with photography.  Those blurry shots of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone bison introduced her to the magic of capturing a fleeting moment.

A B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina furthered her interest in documenting the surrounding world.  Graphic design jobs at three newspapers, including the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, honed her eye for what makes a compelling image.

She has exhibited at the Lander Art Center in Wyoming, for three years at the National Aviary’s Wings and Wildlife Show, and has an upcoming show at Ketchup City Creative.

She lives in O’Hara Township with her husband and daughter.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238


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