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My works were inspired by the border of images.


The Border of images are not only end of painting but also starting area to extent into space.

An empty room and paintings on the border of images are emphasized in my

artworks to express “extended image” connected to universe. Therefore, the eyes of

the beholder can appreciate the beauty of extended canvas. 

My recent work (2015 ~ present) is based on photographs and drawings I collected

while traveling.


After selecting the images and items from the photographs, I rearrange them

on the canvas to create new landscapes.

Each image gathered among the canvas create new and unusual sceneries beyond

the borders of the time and space that they had existed and been memorized.

A space called a canvas also means my collection boxes.


So, I named this " Landscape Cabinet".

I want the beholders to being inspired their sense and emotion in this place. I hope

we would encounter at that boundary.


Education Background

currently studies at University of Pittsburgh, USA


M.F.A in Dept of Painting & Printmaking, The Graduate School of Ewha Womans University, Seoul,Korea


B.F.A in Dept of Painting & Printmaking, The Undergraduate School of Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition

2017    Landscape/People/Canvas (Far Beyond Gallery, Seoul/S.Korea)

2016    Small, International Solo exhibition (Cole Gallery, Pennsylvania/USA)

2016    Ahn Young Ah Exhibition (Arthub Online Gallery, arthub.co.kr)


As Exhibit planner & Artist

2019     Pages of Mind : Chapter 1 (Yang Cheon Library Gallery. Seoul)

2018     # Planet Green I 4 Artists (Space Gallery. Seoul)

2018     Project Via : Second Pre-research Amsterdam(Netherlands)

2018     Project Via : First Pre-research Tokyo(Japan)

2018     Selected by Suwon Cultural Foundation : Group Exhibition

           : Imaginary Scenery - Gallery Haeng Gung Street(S.Korea)


Art Fair

2021      (upcoming) Amsterdam International Art Fair 2021 (Amsterdam. Netherlands)

2019       Amsterdam International Art Fair 2019 (Amsterdam. Netherlands)

2019       Tokyo International Art Fair 2019(Tokyo. Japan)



2020         "Women Artist Challenge :A long run" 3days3works3artists (facebook.com)


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213


  • Painting


  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic paint