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Bradley Weyandt

Bradley Weyandt

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
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I reference objects hailing from an industrial or construction setting to replicate, but negate those objects’ primary function (to a degree) by manipulating or replacing the material that permits them to work. Cinder blocks, pallets, I-beams, and the like are reconsidered through material investigations, casting, direct fabrication and assemblage. Their substituting materials are often entirely foreign to the construction field, yet ubiquitous in the everyday. Synthetic hair, cat litter, feathers, and Pine-sol replace concrete, lumber, and steel. While material composition transforms, formal elements of the referenced objects are retained and the fabricated replicas remain recognizable. This commitment to object familiarity invites consideration of the significance of the materials employed and their contradictional relationship to the structural elements they compose.

Weyandt lives and works in Greensburg, PA.


Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

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  • Sculpture
  • Mixed-media
  • Light
  • Found object


  • Assemblage
  • Conceptual
  • Light
  • Minimalist
  • Plastic
  • Resin