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Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Hobbyist
Experienced With For-hire services, Public art

I wish to be part of the art and animation industry, whether it be cartoons, character design, or comics. My work consists of fan artwork and concepts or ideas that are my own creation. I often use anthropomorphic characters to depict universal characters. I'm still learning and growing as an artist. I think it's important for art to be displayed for public conception to educate society, and being a form of escapism from every day life and hardships.  

I started drawing characters as soon as I could hold a pencil. Every school notebook was full of cartoons in the margins. I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in animation from Damean University. The programs I used for my art and animation are Photoshop, and ToonBoom Harmony.

My artwork has been inspired by many great artists such as Bruce Timm, Jack Kirby, Vivien Medrano, Osamu Tezuka, Craig McCracken, Shotaro Ishinomori, Eric W Schwartz, Genndy Tartakovxky, Rob Renzetti, Stephen Silver, Shane Glines, Glen Keane, Chris Reccardi, Lauren Faust, Derrick Wyatt and many others. Forms of media that shaped my love for art, animation, cartooning, and character design are Disney movies, retro
Marvel and DC comics, cartoons from the 20s-90s, anime, video games, and furries.

I currently resides in Pittsburgh PA.


Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania 15236


  • Animation
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  • Drawing


  • Cartoon
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