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Gathering Folds

Gathering Folds

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I am here to expand your mind by creating geometric contractions of flat surfaces. I work in paper and fabric and create new and interesting tessellations by folding or stitching points together.


With a background in geology, coding, and origami, I methodically combine unseen layers to create pleasing patterns from a single sheet. You can find my work in a variety of forms, from shadow-patterned window hangings to geometric-textured scarves.

Madonna Yoder has been folding origami since 2005 and smocking since 2018. She started making her own tessellation patterns in 2018 after taking a Geometric Folding Algorithms class during her final semester at MIT and presenting her class project at the 7th international conference on origami in science, mathematics, and education (7OSME). After making some smocked pieces for the Museum of Mathematics in NYC for their Math Unfolded exhibit, Madonna decided to go into business bringing these origami and smocking patterns to a wider audience.

She started working on Gathering Folds full-time in January 2020, and has developed several product lines including framed pieces of origami or smocking, suncatchers with origami tessellations, and smocked scarves and pillows.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15215
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