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Kim Mc Aninch Fine Art

Kim Mc Aninch Fine Art

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Professional
Experienced With Commissions, Leading workshops

Consider a blank canvas, starting from scratch. Using tools-brush, pencil, knife, pastels and oil, I am propelled into an uncharted figurative world. My mark-making is used without allowance, nothing is a mistake. I then begin the eliminating. I am withdrawing from too close a narrative. This is where the struggle begins. Each work is an invention, an organization of the markings into shapes and patterns, created with knowledge honed through a career of design, but so much is instinctual. I am immersed in an orchestration towards landscapes and figures, in a visual dance between the figurative and abstract.  The flirting shows. The body of work fulfills my natural, uninhibited desire to scratch the surface in a gestural, painterly manner. Yes, it is fast. The decisions come quicker, the deeper I delve. I realize the principles that will govern this piece of art will not be applicable in my next work. The next will be a journey unto its own. But for now, I am exhilarated with every mark. I scratch towards accuracy, offering more information, less detail. What perceived information used by others to sort out this piece is a literal mystery to me. That concept makes my work more interesting. What began with my tutelage long ago in drawing and printmaking has left a mark on me and has stayed through all other influences. 


 I would like the viewer to consider my decisions- every scratch leading to another.

 Kim McAninch- ‘86, B.F.A., Surface Pattern Design, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio – Kim, a member of the National Association of Women Artists and American Women Artists, currently works in Stony Point NY, Pittsburgh PA and Siesta Key FL.  Her background as a fabric, wallpaper and interior designer has laid the groundwork for her unique painterly style. Through the expressive use of brush and palette knife, she conveys an emotion, a mood and the pure joy of color. Her work offers elusive and intangible qualities to the viewer, who in turn add personal experience, giving life to her work.  Her artwork is in select galleries and is collected worldwide. 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15211
440 773 5835
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  • Painting


  • Expressionist
  • Oil Paint
  • Abstract
  • Figurative
  • Gestural
  • Landscape
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Nature
  • Representational
  • Traditional