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Mike Korsak

Mike Korsak

Artistic Category artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Commissions, For-hire services, Teaching engagements, Speaking engagements

I make furniture because the process of creating beautiful and functional objects gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have not found through any other means.  For me, the process of making furniture begins with an idea; a need unfulfilled, a keepsake to treasure, perhaps a gift.  Through sketches, mock-ups, and full size drawings, an idea develops into a design; one that is subtle yet poignant, functional yet pleasing.  I strive for individuality and elegance in design, and rely on details, composition, scale, and proportion to achieve that goal.

What strikes me the most about making furniture is the relationship that I develop with each piece as it transforms into the finished work.  Each of the steps that go into making furniture - choosing the material, working the wood from rough to finished, cutting the joinery, shaping the individual parts – is a chance for me to impart a bit of my own personality.  And each piece has an effect on me, as well.  I learn something about each piece, such as the characteristics of a particular piece of wood, how a certain detail affects the overall.

I hope that when one views my work, they can see that relationship in the way the joints are cut and meticulously fit, in the way each small detail relates to the entire piece, and in the way that the wood chosen accentuates the design.    

Mike Korsak designs and builds studio furniture with creativity and traditional craftsmanship.  His furniture is built primarily on commission, and his original designs rely on material, detail, composition, scale, and proportion to achieve a sense of elegance and individuality.

Mike’s reverence for all things wood was nurtured at an early age by his grandfather, a hobbyist woodworker and carpenter.   Throughout high school, college and beyond, he explored wood as a building material through woodworking, studying Wood Products at The Pennsylvania State University, working as a timber framer and timber frame designer.  In 2005, Mike and his future wife, Jen, moved to New England, an area with a rich tradition as one of the centers of studio furniture making.  Mike had the good fortune to study under one such celebrated maker, which was a catalyst for the type of work he currently produces.       

Mike, Jen, and Ted the Newfoundland live just outside of Pittsburgh on a small homestead adjacent to Hartwood Acres park, where they grow fruits and vegetables.  Mike works out of his studio, a renovated carriage house. 

Mike’s furniture has been exhibited at the Fuller Craft Museum, Messler Gallery, The New England Home Show, Wayne Art Center and The State Museum of Pennsylvania.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238


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