Work Sample

“Okeweemee with Feet” Okeweemee Clay is produced in Star N.C.The clay is thrown on a wheel and the feet are carved out of the foot of the piece. The piece is slowly dried over a period of 7 days, burnishing it every day. After the bisque firing, there is a gold firing and then a horsehair reduction firing. This clay body is from Star N.C. and fires to a beautiful pink. Burnishing the clay in its leather hard stage creates translucent layers of smoke and line. The feet are based on three pawed animals and are in a tripod configuration. From the beginning of the creation of this piece I made time lapse videos of each stage of its creation and posted them on Instagram. I enjoy seeing other artist’s processes and the videos help me with my workshops. When I teach workshops, my students can look at the feeds, reinforcing the techniques that I am teaching.

Date: 11/05/2017
Dimensions: 9"x 4'' x 9"
Price: $450