Work Sample

"HUMAN SETTLEMENT PROMISED LAND - ON FAVELA - ASENTAMIENTO HUMANO TIERRA PROMETIDA '' (Excerpt) • MATERIAL: Wood, paperboard, screw, vise, plastic, sand, plant, organic and inorganic materials, water. Sculptural Artistic Urban Intervention. TECHNIQUE: Assemblage, cut, screwed, vised. (Other included: video, videoart, song, musical composition.). Overlay of six interlaced layers, criss crossed diagonally ascending perforated by through around five hundred screw one by one, levels by levels, layers by layers, in different directions, to support the weight of a person of 1.60 meter without problem. (As in the 'Interlocking style', in Lima culture (from II - VI centuries, 'Lima culture': second period of development, in the Early Intermediate Period). Sculptorical Artistic Urban Intervention in Urban Space + Sculptorical Installation of two rooms of 12 square meters 2 each. + a small corridor built to + a documentary film + videoart + two musical compositions. Artist Natalia Miranda conceived, designed, conducted, developed, executed, realized, and self-financed these investigations and her Workshops, inviting also other professional artists to participate in her workshops of art. This Urban Artistic Intervention also Included Conception, Design, Development and Realization of Workshops of art, mouvement, dance, robotics, drawing in colours, painting in colours, sculpture in clay-mud, etc, etc, exclusively created and adapted to children in extreme poverty of the district of Lomas de Carabayllo, workshops of art exclusively to and with children inhabitants of the Human Settlement (little 'favela') 'Promised Land', 'Tierra Prometida, in the city of Lima, Peru.(For more information please see the Video, Article 8, Images and pictures of that included in this webpage)

Date: 05/05/2018