Work Sample

The Madonna of Microgynon- The Madonna of the Microgynon was a Sculptural Intervention-Performance (Sculptorico-Pictorical Intervention of performatico character, that had a duration of 25 minutes. The painting '' The Madonna of the Rabbit '' of Tiziano, (The Madonna and the Child, with St. Catherine and a Rabbit -1530-), was chosen because of its direct relationship with motherhood, image of the Cinquecentto, High Renaissance and Early Italian Baroque , (s XVI) one of the most representative icons of the history of Italian art and of the West; for this staging modestly it won the first prize in this little performance Salon. (Unfortunately this staging could not be filmed, and I can only show you some image of the executed project, because we have no other, and we offer our apologies for the low quality of the recovered image, as it is the only one we could recover). During the Fujimori era in Peru, in the decade of the 90s, a program of forced and "voluntary" sterilizations was applied by the Ministry of Health, to give more "economic resources" to the hospitals. , fulfilling '' figures and goals of sterilized women '' ('' more forced sterilization plus money to the hospital '' as part of its '' birth control '' government policy, '' family planning '' and '' fight against poverty "against Peruvian women of low economic resources, low level of education, simple trades, farmers, teachers of state schools, vendors, whether married or single, in the high Andean, rural areas, in the jungle, the Amazon, and also on the coast, in the cities, and in the peri-urban areas. There were more than 250,000 Peruvian women victims of these forced sterilizations, often being kidnapped and deceived by taking them to a hospital and sterilizing them, without having the right to choose how many, how and when to have their children, or decide on their own bodies. Our proposal was quite simple, to replace those forced genocidal sterilizations program, with the distribution of free generic contraceptive pills, in this case Microgynon, for example, in all the hospitals of Peru, along with workshops on family planning and education in communal and urban centers, and distribute them house by house. Conception and Realization: Natalia Miranda Yupanqui. Presentation and explanation: Natalia Miranda Yupanqui. The Virgin Mary (A Mestizo woman and Chola, of reproductive age, who is dressed in black because she is in mourning, the veil is red because it symbolizes the blood shed (designed on nylon tissue by Karla Rojas Vera), and the transparent plastic veil (designed by me) on the outside of the red veil symbolizes the death of the woman, who will be buried in a plastic bag, in a common grave as NN or she will be dead in life.): Natalia Miranda Yupanqui. (Sculptor) The beggar (St. Catherine, with a black veil -black silk tissue designed by Karla Rojas Vera-, offering the pregnancy represented by a half Pregnant Belly made of foam material and plaster, representing the 'type' who wants to get pregnant, rape, and is the genocidal medical doctor): Karla Rojas Vera (Painter, now Urban Fashion Designer ) Box of giant Microgynon (free generic contraceptive pill, instead of the Rabbit of the Italian painting of Tiziano of the Renaissance and early Italian Baroque Cinquecentto): Rocio Cordero Medina. (Sculptor, now Urban Fashion Designer) Judges; Arch. Maria Burela Pando and Miguel Garcia (Biennial of La Habana, Biennial of Cuenca, Central Saint Martin's School of Art of London) Status: Complete, Realized, Constructed, Performed and Executed with Presentation. Result: Winner of the First Prize (both in Project and in Execution) Exhibited, in Public exhibition in close space, as project, with pictures and explications, because ephemeral. Curated by: Judges; Arch. Maria Burela Pando and Miguel Garcia (Biennial of La Habana, Biennial of Cuenca, Central Saint Martin's School of Art of London.)

Date: 05/27/2018