Work Sample

Urban Intervention - Foetus Robot Project, YEAR: 2004-2005. Foetus Robot, (Excerpt of Foetus Robot Project Intervention), Photography of the Foetus Robot constructed in mouvement during the presentation (Analog) in Colour, (around Tacora, in Lima.) SIZE: Height: 220 cm, Perimeter: 100 cm, Radius: 50 cm MATERIAL: Iron, Steel, Polyester resin, plastic,inorganic waste, lights. TECHNIQUE: Robotic, Mechanical, Welding, , Compression, Assemblage, Rotation, Time. I apologize for not showing you the scheme and design of the robot with the intervention Tacora's place, which was made by hand, with which the project was presented, as we have it, but I can not find it anywhere, but we have it . JURY; Arch. Maria Burela Pando and Miguel Garcia (Biennial of La Habana, Biennial of Cuenca, Central Saint Martin's School of Art of London.). SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Arch. Maria Burela Pando, and Miguel Garcia (Biennial of La Habana, Biennial of Cuenca, Central Saint Martin's School of Art of London). Status: Complete, Realized, Constructed, Performed and Executed with Presentation (but not in the Tacora place because very dangerous place to our physical integrity, but the Foetus robot was constructed, well working and performed during the presentation and also after of that) Result: Winner of the First Prize (both in Project and in Execution) Exhibited,(by selection) in Public exhibition in close space, as project, with pictures and explications, because ephemeral. CURATED by the Jury: Arch. Maria Burela Pando, and Miguel Garcia (Biennial of La Habana, Biennial of Cuenca, Central Saint Martin's School of Art of London). FOETUS Project: X-ray of an urban childbirth (premature) is a project that has been started and it was done in Lima-Peru at the end of 2005 in which I approach the topic of identity, identification, and exclusion asking questions about the apocalyptic dimension and the bodily condition of my home city. Project FOETUS raises questions and opens perspectives about the relationship of the city of Lima in itself and its inhabitants: a relationship of dependence and primary need for self-consumption cannibal growing, as a foetus who remains in the womb, in the uterus of its mother, without being born. She push and grows up. She is moving in its amniotic fluid to not be drowned. She swells, she transforms herself another time but she is not born. She does not come into the world. It translates the links of a urbs in mouvement. This city is gluttonous and viscose like a foetal being who will have to see the light sooner or later, living or aborted. Today, Lima is a self-generated city, self-managed, self-built and self-regulated by and for it even . It is a city in which once the Criollo-Hispanic urbs was planned and clearly classified in the XVI century. My plastic proposal is an intervention in a public space: at the Tacora market, (symbolic place of the survival as illegality), an ephemeral sculpture of urban character will be the analogy of a foetus filled of garbage , which turns on itself over and over again in a garbage container like an amniotic bag where he "lives but will never be born". It can rather "annihilate", strangle with its umbilical cord . The FOETUS is a sculpture made of transparent polyester resin, filled with inorganic waste (plastic material) compressed with two moving parts: a head and an arm, a mouvment central axe, a rotation motor, and leds. In Electronic terms this is a detection system of mouvement, started by a manipulation of sequence of actors : 2 DC motors and a water bomb. The control of the project is based on a PIC microcontroller (16F84). The programming language is a macro-assembler (based on Assembler), which has been adapted exclusively for the project with simple instructions from a single code-word (move head- turn-back head, move arm- turn-back arm, check-in PIR, -Still without brain-). All this from recycled elements. It refers to recycling robotics. Thanks to Engineer in Electronics, Specialist in Robotics and Professor of Robotics: Eng. Christian Almeyda (Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos), for the help and support , for the re-construction and improvement of the robot some months after its construction and presentation,as well as Rocio Cordero Medina (former Sculptor, now Urban Fashion Designer) for the help and gentleness to re-construct again in the welding workshop of her family, months later to improve the Foetus Robot. Natalia Miranda Yupanqui (Sculpture, from PUCP), Rocio Cordero Medina (Sculptor from PUCP, now Urban Fashion Designer) and Karla Rojas Vera (Painter from PUCP, now Urban Fashion Designer) was the original Foetus Group, of this Urban Intervention. Year: 2004-2005. Post-Scriptum: After her Robot shown in Lima, Peru in 2005, she traveled to France and there in 2010: She conceived and proposed her own original artistic-linguistic project so that her robot can speak in standard Quechua language in 2010 in France and also create and speak a new own invented artificial language invented by her derived from this standard Quechua, but mixed with many others languages of the world, Western, Oriental, etc. and other languages created completely artificial, however due to the lack of interest of the sponsors and different objectives, the sponsors were more interested in to have technical subordinates for their own projects and their own professional, commercial and industrial objectives, very respectable but in franca opposition and way of approaching her research as well as their methodology, no so healthy environment, etc, (g.e. digital compilation of web pages of internet, etc, and other unintelligible eccentricities, etc), and no argumentation. So she preferred to retire her very peacefully, although they did not want to return her money, so she did not make too much trouble for her money. All that happened in 2010 in France.

Date: 08/12/2018