Work Sample

Very interesting analysis & comparison OECD table of Latvian Education with other countries in 2016,Happily, education priorities are not all time the same & sometimes it can be very progressists & no so traditional but with respect to their cultures and objectives of development. In that sense, Natalia Miranda Yupanqui would like to thank the gentleness and good disposition for this type of concrete proposals and vision of medium-term inclusive development. It is in this sense that she had the opportunity to present, elaborate, develop, build, investigate, propose and resolve, her own original investigation proposal and very similar development lines (including nano-bio robotics at pico scales, and quantum mechanics, to the space, and for sustainable development) at the end of 2009 (from the end of 2009), until all of it was completely confiscated (spoliation) in 2014 in France. That is why she feels flattered and happy, in the simplest and humblest way, that her proposal, with many points in common, has served for the inclusive development of this good friend country (as showing in the OECD analysis and comparison tables of 2016 on happies inclusives development, happy to have achieved these inclusive development goals very successfully.), as well as that she has agreed on objectives, types of research, and their very happy similarities. It is and will be a pleasure for her (they are, of course, always welcome), something that she celebrates that has been able to contribute something and is likewise a pleasant compliment to her and her realized developed investigation proposals.

Date: 08/14/2018