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Hi! The List - From 07/2013 until now, (One page with artistic intervention). Sadly, Due, between others to policies about: Accommodation, detention policies, deportations, border closures, asylum laws,etc.So sad, no?, Very very similar to the Ms. Natalia Miranda Yupanqui own personal case in France,(pure and hard ''coincident experiences'', without any drama or any ''interest'' to ''write a novel or her biography,or her become 'famous' or yellow press'' (plop!), and she does not do politics in any way and she does not think of those terms that she considers dirty, ridiculous and sicks). That is normal? It is ''the good'', ''the correct'',''the just'' ?. That is the logic against the Human Person, more like a 'sub-human', ''infra-human'', or a 'thing'. Xenophobia and Racism at very high level, Fascist objectives: Elimination of the Human Person, ineffable contempt of the Human Person. Thanks to editors and creators of The List in pdf..

Date: 09/14/2018